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Organizational & Strategic

  • Goals, Objectives and Metrics for Success
  • A blend of effective Strategies
  • Processes & Alignment within the Organization
  • Quality Management & Testing
  • Context, Considerations and Lifecycle Models
  • Managing External Relationships
  • Communication across the Organization
  • Coaching & Development


  1. What specific testing goals and objectives is your organization aiming for?
  2. How are these goals meaningfully measured, tracked and transposed into your test strategy(s)?
  3. Which test activities shall be aligned to fulfil the goals, objectives and delivered the awaited value?

    These simple questions have anything but simple answers, lacking clarity and consistent understanding throughout the projects or programs, and the absence of clear purpose and success criteria is an important problem.

Defining testing holistically, including static testing (static analysis and reviews), as well as all levels of dynamic testing, from unit testing up to distinct levels of acceptance testing, backed up by all necessary interlinked activities (testing processes), planning, analysis, design, automation, execution, reporting, closure and performed technically correct may still not deliver the needed or any noticeable value. We have to ask ourselves what is the point of all these activities, what purpose do these serve? How are we, the project, the organization, stakeholders and our customers going to benefit from them?


    In our work, we serve our customers to crystallize and anchor their testing commitment, resolve ambiguities and actively participating into making them reality on a daily basis. Capturing your quality goals and defining the related testing activities, metrics and blend of strategies to be applied, is our mission for organizational and strategic test management.

Test Management

  • Plan & Operational Approach
  • Estimation, Prioritization & Effort Allocation
  • Tracking Information, Monitoring and Control
  • Preparation, Execution & Communication
  • Internal/External Reporting & Release Considerations
  • Process Improvement & Defect Management
  • Retrospectives & Incremental Improvements

  1. Is the test schedule clear and transparent, what about the already invested vs. remaining test effort?
  2. Does the project and test team know what testing is performed, why is it performed, and when is it performed?
  3. How do you know that the testing course must be recalibrated, or that everything is in place for the official test run(s)?

   Managing testing for one or more complete projects has to start, in our opinion, with commitment, clear scope and continuous transparency and alignment. All stakeholders and project members are entitled to real time information and data regarding the approach, the progress and the outcomes of testing activities. This common sense, however, is anything but common in many organizations. Lack of stakeholder involvement, communication and alignment is one of the many reasons we fail to achieve proper test management.

   With dedication, diligence and strong team work, we bring our customers, even in most uncertain conditions, clarity, solutions and experience while communicating open and transparent. Our commitment towards clear test activities, accomplishment progress, well thought plans and strategies trough active communication is our mission for operational test management.


Operational Testing - iTegrity GmbH

Operational Testing

  • Testability Analysis & Reviews
  • Design & Automation
  • Coverage & Traceability
  • Acceptance, Functional & Nonfunctional
  • Changes & Regression
  • Records & Reports

  1. Progression or regression, fix or rework, performance or inefficiency?
  2. What is a good and also valuable test design, and what are testable requirements?
  3. How do you know how much depth coverage is enough and not only the requirement coverage?

 "The devil is in the detail" is an idiom that refers to a meaning that something might seem simple at a first look, but will take more time and effort to complete than expected - this is also valid in testing and if we don't plan and understand our surrounding details, our context considerations and objectives, then we'd better plan to fail because success will be nowhere near us. From a clear test case to a testable requirement, from a design test technique to a well captured defect, from an agreed change to its side effects - every detail counts!

    Completeness and lucidity in covered requirements and test design, in addition to attention to details and commitment to high quality work, is why we perform testing in the first place. We stand for these beliefs and therefore attain great achievement and value for our customers at every step in the process.